Bingo for the Youthful – Not the game your Granny played!

We all know that bingo has typically been associated with mums and grans! In times past, a trip to the bingo hall was a great night out for groups of women (and a few men), allowing them an opportunity to socialise, gossip and have a fun evening out. Many of us will remember being invited along as a shy teenager and experiencing the noisy, packed bingo hall and marvelling at how seriously these women took their game. Looking even further back, bingo was played in church halls and at social events by quiet OAP’s in the afternoons. How things have changed!

Now however, online bingo has transformed the game into a slick and stylish new pastime for the next generation to enjoy! Touchscreens, smart phones, tablets and all types of computers now allow users to experience the game on a whole new platform! Far from listening to a man in a sparkly jacket call out ‘two little ducks’, now numbers are streamed directly to your screen in real time, each game is timed to perfection to allow seamless gameplay with fantastic graphics. Traditional tatty cards and marker pens are replaced with a well laid out and thoughtful screenplay, each fast paced round is complete with bonuses, colour coded columns and maybe an exciting online bingo bonus or two!

The game has always been about speed, and the hand eye coordination and number identification skills required to master it are still paramount. The thrill of getting a full house is still found online, as well as extra prizes and mini games that weren’t part of the old fashioned game. Chat functions allow you to play with friends, while the mobile version for tablets and smartphones lets you play wherever you may be. Playing on the train or bus, in the office or simply whenever you’re waiting around for a few minutes!  Play can be silent to fit in with your surroundings and offers the perfect way to unwind without the hassle of going to a real game!

Even older people who loved to play bingo in their youth will enjoy the new online version, allowing many to reignite their passion and dexterity! It really is the game for everyone and is making a comeback all over the world! You can play it on

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