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The goal is to achieve a higher score than the bank and 21 maximum. If a player or the bank exceeds this score, we say he / she "burns" and the game is immediately lost. In this regard, it is good to remember that Blackjack card values is 10 for all figures and equal to the numeric value for all
other cards, except for the Ace is worth 1 or 11 depending on the choice player, depending on the other cards in his possession.

He is paid double the bet. It may also decide to divide his hand, doubled the lead, abandon or to insure against blackjack bank, options that include all of the benefits but also the risks of course. But see other terms related to blackjack, for example, the Double Down is to double your bet after having read the cards dealt. After this time, it is possible to draw a single card. In contrast, Split hand can split your hand into two separate hands and continue to play and bet separately for each. Over the blackjack, the online casinos allow to play with the famous Book OF Ra slot machine ( ), a slot with 5x3 interface and 10 paylines. The most important symbol is the book of ra with value of Scatter and Wild. Three or more Book Of Ra symbols open the rich bonus free spins

This is a scenario quite classic Blackjack. It often confuses beginners. It is possible to make a split dividing his hand. Some believe the risky option, but in reality the statistics are in your favor over the long term. If you decide to stop with a pair of 9, so a hand of 18, when the dealer has a 9, you lose it draws a card worth 10. If you divide your peers, you will very often push, even better. It is true that sometimes you will inevitably lose playing well, but the important thing is that in the long term, this option play for you in this situation.

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