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The inventors Littman and Pitt of Brooklyn, New Yoke, have created, in 1891, a slot machine that looks like video poker today. It is passed on to posterity as the origin of the game that we know today. Of course, it does not offer screen but also its principle inspired the famous card game, poker. Due to the large number of possible combinations, the machine does not pay the player. To receive the money we had won, he had to ask the owners of the institution proposing the machine. It was most of the time bar. The device looked like a slot machine. The player must pull a lever to actuate drums offered him a hand of poker.

It was not until the late 70's to see the first devices to offload video display, such as those we know today. It is the evolution of computer technology that will enable the development of the first modern video poker machines. In 1979, casinos discover these strange devices. SIRCOMA, the precursor of International Game Technology (IT), has created a kind of digital slot machines offering a poker game for one player to draw. Very quickly, it became popular and many variants appear.

Over the years, the video poker machines have improved. New technologies have made them even more popular. Now, some machines offer progressive jackpots as video poker. These jackpots increase as they are put players. The amounts available can sometimes be enormous. Similarly, there are also video poker online. Internet proves even a perfect playground for lovers of video poker.

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