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We recently talked about the brand change from 32 Vegas Casino and the new 21 Nova Casino, which of course led to the birth of a new site,, new software and renewed in graphics and other aspects. We want to present you one of them, the flash version, an aspect that was absent in 32Vegas and Playtech, the production house of the new casino, decided to develop for the opportunity to play without download software (*. exe) on your computer.

This aspect was previously undervalued production houses and software was seen as a plus, which could be more or less present without the business do not feel, but today things have changed and we explain why. Playtech, like other production houses, realized that to run a casino only through software. Exe was a limiting factor and did not allow an ever growing, which relies on Mac, Linux & co. play. And we all know the margins of growth these operating systems are getting lately.

The second aspect, equally important, however for users' confidence to the download and launch the software on their own computer, it is well known that many users do not rely much to download software and to install on their own computers because they always feel that they contain elements that compromise security: for example, having to download software, install it and allow it to download computer games etc. . away many potential players, so customers of gambling online.

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