Profile of the Typical Poker Android Smartphone Player

Android poker is something that everybody can enjoy. And this is exactly what's happening these days as both pros and amateurs are finding their way to the mobile felt. Many players can't resist the convenience that playing poker through their Android smartphone offers. But what description does the typical poker Android smartphone player fit? Are they a long-time professional? A part-time recreational player? Let's discuss this matter to come up with a profile of the average Android player.

Quick Sessions for Fun

The primary reason why people love mobile poker so much is the convenience. However, the major downside is functionality because Android phones feature a smaller playing screen and reduced options. Due to the nature of Android smartphone poker, players tend to have a recreational focus, rather than grinding to churn out profits.

Going further, most of these players like to enjoy 5-10 minutes of online poker when they're on the go. And an Android phone is perfect for this purpose, seeing as how it's lightweight, small and can fit in your pocket. Plus, recreational players can text, check their email, look at Instagram, use Pinterest and enjoy a number of other apps while playing poker.

How are Mobile Poker Rooms catering to Players?

Online poker sites are fully aware of who their mobile customers are. This being said, many poker sites are dedicating a significant amount of time to making sure that their Android product matches the clientele.

The increasingly urgent goal of many mobile operators is to better the social aspects of their site. After all, many Android poker rooms are still in the early stages, meaning buddy lists and chat functions are not always present. But seeing as how catering to the heavy recreational crowd is a priority, you can expect just about every mobile site to be offering more social features within the next few years.

That said, if you're an amateur poker player who enjoys playing online poker for fun, the future of the mobile game should be quite appealing to you!

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